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Dear valued customers,

This is an important message, and your attention is greatly appreciated.

It has recently come to our attention that some Japanese individuals have been taking advantage of our customers by using photos of our products to post and sell Komenuka Bijin hair care on Amazon.com. These sellers are not authorized by us, and the products they sell and ship to customers--either individually from Japan or through Amazon's fulfillment center in America--are different from what they are depicting in their photos and advertising in their product descriptions. All FDA-approved Komenuka Bijin products are affixed with an English label and do not contain harmful ingredients such as paraben and sulfate. However, the products these unauthorized sellers are selling do NOT have an English label and contain ingredients such as paraben and sulfate. 

For decades, CSC Distributor, Inc.(dba Komenuka Bijin/dba NS-K) has been committed to providing our customers with a natural beauty solution using only the world's finest ingredients. In 1993, we revolutionized the beauty industry with our luxurious rice bran-based hair and skin care lines that proved to be both safe and effective for daily care. While our products are continually evolving (all our newly updated formulas are cruelty, paraben and sulfate-free), every single bottle is still made in Japan using natural Yamada Nishiki rice and Miyamizu spring water. We were honored to provide Komenuka Bijin shampoo and treatment for 2016's official Screen Actors Guild gift bag, and our customers' feedback was overwhelmingly positive afterwards. 

We truly appreciate your support through the years, and to protect our loyal customers' health and rights, we are seeking legal action against these duplicitous individuals and Amazon. While we are moving as swiftly as possible, it may take some time before this problem is resolved. We cordially bring this issue to your attention, and urge you to please share it with your customers.

Thank you for your continued business and support, and if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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CSC Distributor, Inc.   
dba Komenuka Bijin
dba NS-K

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